Investment on ul. Fabryczna in Krakow is one of the largest of its kind in the city. The facilities of the former Polmos spirit factory have changed completely. In the main building, apart from the shopping mall on the upper levels and the vodka museum on level -1, there will be space for conference rooms and ballrooms. We received an order from Inter-Bud Developer to prepare an interior design for this space. We were directly inspired by the exclusive interiors of hotels in Dubai and Shanghai. The most characteristic rooms are two conference and ball rooms for over 300 people and a VIP room visible in the first visualizations. The VIP room is a reflection of English elegance and luxury, where the bottle green walls contrast with the warmth of a bio-fireplace and wooden cladding. The bar serving guests in the main hall is made of rounded steel belts that are passed through the entire zone. Copper and gold-plated notes were used in most of the rooms, which added prestige to the interior. The project is currently under implementation.

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