About us


Studio of Architecture and Interior Design Archi-Vision is one of the leading architectural companies in Krakow. Thanks to the trust of regular customers and comprehensive order processing in the construction sector, we have established a strong position on the market.


The studio was founded in 1996 as the atelier of architect Krzysztof Kinaszewski – a graduate of the Faculty of the Cracow University of Technology.


During the 25 years of the company’s activity, about 300 projects have been developed, including office buildings with BREEAM certificates, guest houses, single-family houses, housing estates, car showrooms and numerous utility interiors. The region of our activity is all of Poland, in particular, Malopolska, Podkarpacie, Slask and Mazowsze.

Our potential is:


– Experience that is the result of many years of work
– A constant search for interesting and optimal solutions
– Hundreds of projects carried out in the construction and industrial forms
– Innovative ideas and creativity of a group of young architects
– Implementation of BIM technologies in the design process

Krzysztof Kinaszewski

Architect, CEO

Danuta Kinaszewska

Finance and management

Katarzyna Wysocka

Architect, Legal appraiser

Łukasz Kinaszewski

Architect with IARP qualifications, Design director

Pavlo Riabkov

Architect, Creative designer

Kamil Stańczyk


Karolina Koszyk

Interior architect



In relation to the building and its surroundings, the architecture combines planning, design, construction, space and the atmosphere of the place, which we try to reflect in the form of attractive conceptual designs. This creates ideas about functional and aesthetic solutions.



Development and investment support from the earliest decision-making stages of the Investor to the opening of the facility. Comprehensive customer service and building law advice.



We create the most appropriate place for people in modern times. For his needs, family life and work. Local visions in the investment areas are one of our main services included in the orders.



We strive for the best solutions with the right tools. We are currently investing in full BIM integration technologies where building elements have information and properties assigned. The investor and the contractor can, at any stage of the project, view the quality and scope of the works remotely, and the construction is definitely less time-consuming and energy-intensive. Due to this, the project has 70% less errors and collisions resulting from inter-branch coordination.




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