9 years ago we were invited to take part in a competition for the reconstruction and revitalization of the “Strzelecki Park” in Nowy Sącz. Before the war, there were recreational areas called “Wenecja Sadecka”. The name comes from the dense water channels and bridges this park was equipped with – a bit like in the magical Venice.

The ambitious plan assumed the construction of a canoe track which would be driven through the nearby Dunajec River, along with the construction of a new amphitheater, eating places, tennis courts and a viewing footbridge. The amphitheater itself turned out to be the most interesting idea – the stand for 2,000 people was located over 60 hotel rooms, a restaurant and a multifunctional hall for 150 people. It determined the interesting shape of the building itself. The reinforced concrete frame descends with the audience and then, at the 480 m2 stage, it curves upwards to create a roof. Sheets are spread over the building to protect the users from excessive sunlight. There is a pond near the amphitheater with the possibility of practicing small water sports. Food outlets and other facilities were designed in a similar style. Worth mentioning is also a very modern lookout footbridge. It enables visitors to observe the breeding grounds of birds living on the bank of the Dunajec River.

The project is currently frozen, but maybe the city authorities will come back to this idea in the near future. The competition design was developed together with Biuro Projektów Lewicki Łatak on the commission of Inter-Bud Developer.

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