Each of us associates a slender design and elegant proportions of the white body of BMW car dealerships. The style inspired by the creative output of the well-known modernist Mies van der Rohe became the main showcase of the Munich tycoon on the automotive market. When designing BMW – M-Cars on Joseph Conrad street in Krakow, we strictly followed the set visual rules while creating a completely new functional space. The most difficult solution was to create a construction grid, which would suit different functions on each floor. And so on level -1 there was an underground garage with warehouses. The ground floor is a sales hall, a service hall with a paint shop. On the first and second floor, on the other hand, we have created a space for administrative rooms, a conference room, motorcycles exhibition and vintage BMW cars from the Investor’s collection. In the building you can also rent office rooms with an independent staircase. The building was awarded with distinction in the Commercial Buildings 2016 category in “Krakow My Home”. Plebiscite was organized by the City of Krakow and Dziennik Polski. This building became one of our flagship projects.

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