A perfect car showroom design reflects complete consistency at the level of the brand’s visual identity, product display, expectations and perceptions of potential customers. For an architect, a success is the fusion of these criteria and the creation of a single, structured concept.


Car showroom – a concept for the future

Designing a car showroom requires knowledge of the automotive world, the branding of a given automotive brand, as well as its ideal customer model. Our architectural studio has extensive experience in designing service spaces of this type, which is why we know the importance of industry knowledge. The expected final effect also includes the relationship of interconnected vessels, especially cooperation with design consultants. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of creating car showrooms for automotive legends. Our clients include: Jaguar, BMW, Toyota.

Car showroom building in a minimalist style

A modern car showroom is a building with a logical functional layout, compliant with the principles of ergonomics, energy-saving and safe. Optimal development of space allows you to create a place that gives the comfort of free movement. We develop the design of the car showroom so that the shape of the building complements each other with the interior, in which the customer’s attention is focused on the product. We design in the spirit of minimalism. In the case of car showrooms and other service spaces, we want a simple but elegant body. We have taken up design challenges many times, which resulted, among others, from the difficult topography. Ultimately, each project fully met the expectations of investors.

At ARCHI-VISON, we are enthusiasts of modern solutions and technologies. Hence the design in the revolutionary BIM technology, consisting in the digital flow of information about the object. Thanks to it, we better control the design path, from the concept, through the construction project, the detailed design, to the final implementation.

Unique car showroom interiors

In our opinion, the perfect design of a car dealership is created on the basis of a certain compromise. The interiors are the background, the task of which is to focus the customer’s attention on the product. Therefore, we value visual peace, spatial order as well as clear and informal forms. We treat the interior of a car showroom as an extension of the minimalistic shape of the building. We offer our clients modern solutions and timeless aesthetics. We also emphasize the special role of light, which builds the setting of the arrangement, while emphasizing the individual design of the vehicle.

The car showroom designs we create give us the opportunity to co-create the brand image. We have an influence on how it is perceived. This is a responsible task, so we carefully analyze investors’ ideas. We want the interiors of car showrooms to be identical to the brand’s philosophy, expressed in shapes and colors. As the ARCHI-VISION brand, we can share our own successes, because the design of the car showroom is one of our key services.

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