The settlement functioned at the beginning of its history as barracks of the Austrian army. In the vicinity as well as in the area of ​​the investment itself, there are defensive structures still existing from those times. In the post-war period, some of the buildings were adapted to the Medical and Educational Institution for girls suffering from trachoma. The initiator of the very establishment of the center was said to be Cardinal Adam Stefan Sapieha himself, who commissioned the design of a prayer chapel by a well-known architect from Kraków, Wacław Krzyżanowski. To this day, the chapel is an interwar architectural pearl in the history of the resort. In the second half of the interwar years, the area was shaken by the explosion of a nearby powder magazine. Some of the buildings were damaged and some of the pupils fled in panic to the forest. After World War II, the entire center became a state property – a hospital of the Jagiellonian University was established here, where eye diseases were treated. It functioned until 2015.

On the premises of the former Ophthalmology Hospital in Witkowice, a town for seniors, unique on a Polish scale, will be created. There will be all services, senior citizens’ homes, recreation and relaxation zones and, most importantly, a team of outpatient clinics with various medical specialties. The over 12-hectare enclave among the trees in Witkowice is a unique place on the map of Krakow. The complex of several buildings located on a hill has all the advantages to create an ideal place for seniors. The most important in the project are outpatient clinics, which are to be located in the existing historical buildings of the former hospital. The large areas of the buildings (about 1,000 square meters) will make patient service comfortable. Importantly, the investor of Miasteczko Witkowice assumes that outpatient clinics, clinics and doctor’s offices will be created and will function on the basis of professional medical staff. Therefore, he does not intend to run this business himself. This will allow in the future to create a comprehensive medical center in one place, which will be open to everyone, regardless of age and residence. Due to the huge area of ​​the complex, the investor expects that there will be a full complex of medical services on site.

All studies show that, in addition to health problems, seniors are most affected by loneliness and lack of contact with other people. That is why The Senioral Town of Witkowice complex has been designed so that there are as many places for joint meetings as possible. In the senior village there will be cafes, walking alleys and benches, and even an observation tower, from where you will be able to admire the view of Krakow. It will be a place where everyone will find something for themselves. An indoor swimming pool and tennis courts are being designed. There will be alpacotherapy with live exotic animals and rooms for rehabilitation classes. An integrated kindergarten is also planned, where seniors will be able to spend time with their grandsons. Of course, the plan in The Senioral Town of Witkowice will include apartments for seniors. The apartments will not only be separate buildings but also part of other complexes. It is planned, among other things, to create such apartments in the building, which will also include a swimming pool and a rehabilitation center. Thanks to this, the inhabitants of the town will be able to use all amenities without leaving the building, even in winter when the weather outside is unfavorable. Visiting relatives will be facilitated. A hotel will be built on the estate, where, on the one hand, the senior’s relatives will be able to stay, and on the other hand, people who, for example, will be undergoing rehabilitation or undergoing treatments in one of the health clinics, will be able to use it.

Around the world, senior villages and towns are becoming the norm. In France alone, there are almost 700 such centers that provide seniors with not only the comfort of stay and treatment, but above all the comfort of life, recreation and ensuring the maintenance of interpersonal relationships. Nearly 100 more complexes are under construction. In Poland, over 65 percent of seniors are property owners. Unfortunately, very often apartments are not adapted to their needs. The problems are: no elevator, no possibility to react quickly to health problems and, above all, loneliness within four walls. The Senioral Town of Witkowice eliminates all these disadvantages by writing a new chapter in the Polish social welfare system. The plan is very ambitious but realistic. Let’s not forget that there are more and more seniors and they are a group of very active people. Seniors not only use the Internet, they more and more often form groups that support each other in everyday life. They actively participate in cultural life, as exemplified by the creation of special screenings in cinemas in both Krakow and Warsaw a few days ago. The location of Miasteczko Witkowice is another advantage of this settlement. The midwife, only about 20 minutes from the center of Krakow, will allow you to take advantage of the city’s cultural offer. Quick access will also be an asset for visiting families.

The open character of the complex will make the medical part available to a wide range of patients. Not only for the elderly, but of course for all those who need professional medical care.

When designing the urban concept, we took into account all the above factors. With proper care and a holistic approach, we treated the existing area as well as its historical treasures that it hides. The surface, green area and the existing buildings will be revitalized and adapted to the needs of the elderly. Historical buildings will be renovated in accordance with conservation recommendations, and some of the existing non-historical buildings will be rebuilt and redeveloped. New buildings are also planned. The leitmotif is warm, golden colors. The façades are finished in noble natural materials such as facing brick or so-called conservation plaster. We invite you to see the gallery!

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