For over 25 years we have been developing architectural concepts, combining experience with creativity and professionalism. Projects of hotels and guesthouses are an intensively developing subject of our studio’s portfolio. At ARCHI-VISION, we choose an original conceptual approach, taking into account the wishes of investors and the specificity of the hotel industry. We perfectly understand that the design of a hotel or guesthouse brings together many issues related to aesthetics and functionality. Therefore, we want to implement these aspects as accurately as possible. Our architectural office deals with designing guesthouses and hotels from scratch, as well as preparing concepts for the expansion or reconstruction of existing facilities.


Individual design of a hotel from ARCHI-VISION studio

The hotel design created by us presents an unconventional style, visually coherent with the temperament of the place and the character of the brand. Therefore, we strive to ensure that the appearance of the building and interior arrangements are a joint creation of the designer and the client. As architects, we transform the investor’s ideas into reality. In this way, hotels or guesthouses built according to our projects are fully functional and at the same time identical to the owners’ intention. This consistency in terms of visibility and usability is appreciated by guests visiting the facility.

Designing hotels does not always mean creating a completely new building. Often times, the revitalization or adaptation of an existing facility turns out to be a greater challenge. An illustrative example of this theory is our project of the “Wolski” guesthouse. The facility is located in Mizerna, near the popular Czorsztyn Ski resort. The investor’s wish was to adapt the existing structure to the new function and shape of the building. Inspired by traditional highlander folklore, we proposed a coherent visual category in line with the Zakopane style. Hence the dormers, carved beams with characteristic lynxes and a plinth covered with local stone. As the design of a hotel or guesthouse usually includes a space dedicated to special events, we have also planned a spacious banquet hall in the facility.

The hotel industry in architectural terms

Hotel designs are for architects a mission to create a place to which everyone wants to come back. Often, due to the architecture or interior design, guests visit the same address again. Often, not only tourist attractions decide about their return, but also the freedom and comfort that they feel while staying at the hotel. The architect’s task is to design a space that will evoke this need to return. Regardless of whether it outlines the design of a hotel located in the center of a metropolis or develops the concept of a cozy guesthouse in a tourist resort.

The hotel industry has a broad definition. It includes not only the tourist and accommodation structure, but also, inter alia, the event segment. We create hotel projects, adopting a holistic approach, so that the facility meets the diverse needs of guests. We also take into account the accompanying infrastructure: parking lots, sidewalks, plantings, which also give a voice to the final appearance of the building.

Design of a hotel and a guesthouse – from classics to modernity

We are convinced that the building is not just a body, but a physical reflection of the designers’ commitment. We treat each hotel project as another valuable experience. By implementing our ideas, we avoid uniformity. We are not afraid of bold concepts. Being passionate about architecture, we undertake the creation of objects referring to both classical and modern styles with great enthusiasm. Modernist hotels in line with current trends, charming guesthouses, as well as intimate boutique hotels. Regardless of which aesthetic categories our clients choose, they always receive carefully refined, unique concepts. In our office, the design of the hotel and guesthouse is refined so that the building and its interior can become an impeccable showcase of the owners.

We value modern technological solutions. Hotel and guesthouse projects are created in the revolutionary BIM technology. An integrated system that assumes free modeling with information about the building, significantly optimizes the design process. This smooth data exchange allows to eliminate potential errors already at the design stage.

Comprehensive hotel interior designs

Designs of hotels and guesthouses by the ARCHI-VISION studio constitute a complete vision of the building’s appearance and interior design. Our competences, supported by experience in designing commercial facilities, allow us to offer our clients comprehensive services at all stages of implementation. We are qualified architects and interior designers. We believe that by maintaining a high level of services, we care for the standard of rest and satisfaction of guests visiting the facility.

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